Hydraulic & Pneumatic Laboratory

Hydraulic and Pneumatic Laboratory is one of the facilities in Mechanical Engineering Department Polytechnic State of Jakarta that serves to support the practicum activities of D-III Mechanical Engineering Study Program students, D-III Energy Conversion Engineering students and S-1 Applied Manufacturing Engineering students in the courses Of Control System, Hydraulics and Pneumatics.

No. Name Position
1 Drs. Sidiq Ruswanto, M.Si. Head of Laboratory
2 Drs. R. Grenny Sudarmawan, S.T., M.T. Lecturer
3 Sugeng Mulyono, S.T, M.Kom. Lecturer
4 Sonki Prasetya, S.T., M.Sc. Lecturer
5 Hasvienda M Ridwan, S.T,M.T. Lecturer
6 Devi Handaya, S.Pd., M.T. Lecturer
7 Adi Suryanto Lab. Assistant/ Technician
8 Udy Sutiawan Lab. Assistant/ Technician


To support student practicum activities, this laboratory is facilitated by the following machines:

1.Hydraulic Machine

2. 2. Twelve sets of Pneumatic Boards

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