S-1 Applied Heavy Equipment Maintenance Engineering Technology



"Becoming a Superior International Standard Study Program in the Field of Heavy Equipment Engineering to Support National Competitiveness"


1. Organizing Vocational Education in the Field of Heavy Equipment Engineering Based on Science and Technology with Character and Devotion to God Almighty.

2. Developing research in the field of heavy equipment engineering and increasing the application of world-class science and technology to increase the nation's competitiveness.

3. Developing Study Programs that are Efficient, Effective, Accountable Based on ICT (Information Communication Technology) in the Heavy Equipment Engineering Field.

The Heavy Equipment Study Program is a vocational education for Diploma III level that was established in 2001. The demands of the industrial world for ready-to-use personnel made the Heavy Equipment Study Program, Jakarta State Polytechnic made a breakthrough by cooperating with several heavy equipment industries such as PT Trakindo Utama as an industrial partner.

The Heavy Equipment Study Program implements a link & match system (linkage and equivalence) or learning that aligns the world of education with the industrial world. Together with a team from PT Trakindo Utama, and several other heavy equipment industries, the Heavy Equipment Study Program also designed a joint learning curriculum in order to obtain heavy equipment graduate competences that are relevant to the needs of the existing heavy equipment industry.

In addition, with this collaboration, students also have the opportunity to jump in and see first hand the world of heavy equipment industry through the Industrial Apprenticeship Program. With this collaboration, the opportunity for heavy equipment graduates to be directly accepted in the heavy equipment industry is very large.

The main competencies are being able to plan, perform, organize, coordinate the prevention of damage, maintenance and repair of heavy equipment as well as analyzing disturbances of damage to heavy equipment.

The core courses taught include Introduction to Heavy Equipment, Basic Mechanics, Electrical and Electrical Systems, Hydraulic Systems, Power Transfer Systems, Engine Systems, Basic Machine Operations, Preventive Maintenance, Applied Failure Analysis, and Industrial Internships.

This study program consists of the Regular Program for relevant Senior High School / Vacational High School graduates. Education that is carried out based on the competence of the Heavy Equipment Industry to produce graduates who have supervisory abilities in the heavy equipment field, can produce and develop applied research work in the field of heavy equipment, can produce community service work in the form of consultations and training in the heavy equipment field, and can develop partnerships with heavy equipment industry based on modern technology and knowledge.


PT. Trakindo Utama

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