Mechanical Engineering Department, Polytechnic State of Jakarta prepares students to become graduates who have competence in the field of professional and competent intermediate experts who are able to fill supervisory or executive positions in the manufacturing industry, electricity generation, energy audits, and optimization and maintenance of heavy equipment, industrial facilities. cement, maintenance of gas refineries, aircraft, and other mechanical equipment facilities. The Department of Mechanical Engineering was established in 1982, at that time this department only had one study program, namely 3 Years Diploma (D-3) of Mechanical Engineering with three concentrations, design, production and maintenance. With the passage of time and the need for professionals in the energy sector, in 1991Mechanical Engineering opened a new study program, namely the Energy Engineering Study Program, hereinafter known as the Energy Conversion Engineering.


In 2001 Mechanical Engineering Departement opened another study program, namely the Heavy Equipment Study Program in collaboration with PT. Trakindo Utama. In 2013 the Department of Mechanical Engineering opened an Applied Bachelor program with two study programs, namely the Applied Undergraduate Study Program in Manufacturing Engineering and the Applied Undergraduate Study Program in Power Generation Engineering. Most recently, in 2019 the Applied Master Program in Manufacturing Technology (MTRTM) was opened. Until now, the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Jakarta State Polytechnic has produced around 7,000 Associate Experts in the field of machinery, which are spread in most of the national and international companies.


Diploma Degree Program

Bachelor Degree in Applied Science Program

Cooperation Program:

Double Degree Program

Master Degree in Applied Science Program:


  • 1982: Mechanical Engineering Department was established in (formerly) Politeknik Universitas Indonesia
  • 1989: D3 in Energy Conversion was established
  • 1998: Become Mechanical Engineering Department Politeknik Negeri Jakarta
  • 2001: D3 in Heavy Equipment was established
  • 2005: Teaching Factory cooperation with PT Holcim Lafarge (now PT Semen Indonesia) was started
  • 2011: Teaching Factory cooperation with PT Badak LNG was started
  • 2013: S1 Applied Science in Manufacturing Engineering was established
  • 2013: S1 Applied Science in Power Plant was established
  • 2016: Teaching Factory cooperation with PT GMF Aero Asia was started
  • 2018: Double Degree program with Management Science University (MSU) was started
  • 2019: Master in Applied Manufacturing Technology was established

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