Lecture Building

To support lecture activities, Mechanical Engineering Department has several Lecture Halls consisting of:

1. Building "A" (7 Classrooms on the 1st floor & 8 Classrooms on the 2nd floor)

2. Building "Y" (1 Classroom on the 1st floor, 3 Classrooms on the 2nd floor & 3 Classrooms on the 3rd floor)

3. Building "K" (1 Energy Conversion Lab Classroom, 1 Energy Distribution and Protection Classroom, 1 Electricity and Electronics Classroom, 1 Metrology Lab Classroom & 1 Hidraulic & Pneumatic Classroom)

4. Building "L" (2 Classrooms)

5. Building "M" (1 Classroom)

Classroom is equipped with supporting facilities such as chairs, tables, whiteboards, LCD projectors, air conditioning and internet connection.

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