PROFIL: Haolia Rahman, Ph.D

Haolia Rahman, Ph.D

[email protected]

  1. Bachelor Degree, Universitas Indonesia, 2008
  2. Master Degree, Universitas Indonesia, 2011
  3. Doctoral Degree, Kookmin University, 2019

  1. Mekanika Teknik
  2. CNC

  1. Thermal performance of screen mesh wick heat pipes with nanofluids
  2. Bayesian estimation of occupancy distribution in a multi-room office building based on CO2concentrations
  3. Uncertainties in neural network model based on carbon dioxide concentration for occupancy estimation
  4. Occupancy Estimation Based on Indoor CO2Concentration: Comparison of Neural Network and Bayesian Methods
  5. Correlation of Ventilative Cooling Potentials and Building Energy Savings in Various Climatic Zones
  6. Smart Ventilation for Energy Conservation in Buildings

  • Heat Pipe
  • Building Energy
  • Ventilation Control

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