Electroplating & Anodizing Laboratory

Electroplating and Anodizing Laboratory is one of the facilities in Mechanical Engineering  Department Polytechnic State of Jakarta that serves to support the practicum activities of D-III Mechanical Engineering Study Program students in metal testing and metrology courses. Students will be taught material treatment to be resistant to corrosion with electrochemical metal coating techniques.

No. Name Position
1 Drs. Sidiq Ruswanto, M.Si. Head of Laboratory
2 RR. Estuti Budimulyani, M.Si. Lecturer
3 Elfi Nur Rahmah, M.T. Lecturer
4 Isnanda Nuriskasari, S.Si., M.T. Lecturer
5 Adi Suryanto Lab. Assistant/ Technician
6 Udy Sutiawan Lab. Assistant/ Technician


To support student practicum activities, Electroplating and Anodizing Laboratory is facilitated by practicum tools as follows:

1.Metal Coating Machine

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