S-1 Applied Energy Conversion Engineering Technology




"Becoming a Superior International Standard Study Program in the Field of Energy Conversion Engineering to Support National Competitiveness"


1. Organizing Vocational Education in the Field of Energy Conversion Techniques Based on Science and Technology with Character and Devotion to God Almighty.

2. Developing research in the field of energy conversion techniques and increasing the application of world-class science and technology to increase the nation's competitiveness.

3. Developing Study Programs that are Efficient, Effective, Accountable Based on ICT (Information Communication Technology) in the Field of Energy Conversion Engineering.


The Energy Conversion Engineering Study Program is a vocational education for Diploma III level, established in 1985, combining the fields of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Chemical Engineering, preparing professional and competent human resources in the field of energy systems that synergize aspects of energy conversion and conservation, energy audits and renewable energy.

The main competencies of Energy Conversion Engineering are supervisors, operators and intermediate experts in energy conversion and conservation maintenance, energy auditing, renewable energy, mechanical rotation, electricity and instrumentation, and gas processing.

The core courses that teach include Electronic Engineering, Power Electronics, High Voltage Engineering, Electrical Machinery, Thermal Machinery, Control Systems, Computer Aided Design (CAD), Renewable Energy, Distribution and Transmission, Energy Management, Energy Audit and Optimization Practices. Energy Conversion Machines, and Field Work Practices in BUMN, in Government Institutions, and in Industries related to the field of Energy Conversion.

The competence of graduates is able to fill the needs of intermediate experts in the industry in the field of energy conversion, electricity generation and energy conservation at the supervisor level, able to create business opportunities in energy conversion engineering, be able to produce and develop applied research work in the field of energy, able to produce community service works in the form of consultation and training in the field of energy, able to develop partnerships with industry in the field of energy conversion and generation based on knowledge and technology.

Energy conversion engineering study programs from regular class programs and cooperation classes for relevant Senior High School / Vocational High School graduates, including:

1. Energy Conversion Engineering Regular Class.

2. Cooperation Class PNJ Energy Conversion Engineering with PT. Badak Gas Alam Bontang for competency in technical expertise in refinery maintenance and gas processing. This cooperation program has three main areas of expertise, namely mechanical rotation, electrical and instrumentation, and gas processing.

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