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About Mechanical Engineering Department

The Mechanical Engineering Departement (MED) Politeknik Negeri Jakarta shall be an institution of higher vocational education and center of development for mechanical, energy conversion, heavy equipement maintenace, manufacture, power plant, cement processing, oil and gas processing, and aircraft maintenance, continuously striving for excellence, reliability, and respectability, and actively contributing to the nation’s development and prosperity.

Our Vission is

"Becoming a leading in Mechanical Engineering with international standard to support the nation's competitiveness"

The mission of the MED are:

  1. Organizing Vocational Education in the MED Based on Science and Technology Which has Characteristics and Faith in the Almighty God.
  2. Developing Research in the MED and Enhancing the Application of World-Class Science and Technology to Increase Nation Competitiveness.
  3. Developing an efficient, effective, accountable MED based on ICT (Information Communication Technology).

Our Department's goal:

  1. Producing Human Resources in the MED Who has faith in God Almighty, Charactered, Skilled, Expert, and Competent.
  2. The creation of a Research and Community Service environmenr in the MED that able to improve the development of world-class science and technology to improve national competitiveness.
  3. The establishment of Adaptive and Responsive MED Against Demands and Developmental Times, Through the Efficient and Effective Use of Human Resources (Human, Asset, Infrastructure, and Finance) and IT-Based Information (Technology).
  4. Establishment of a National and International Department of Cooperation Network to Enhance the Ability of Human Resources and Development of the MED.

The MED was established on 1983 and one of the oldest Department in Politeknik Negeri Jakarta. The MED currently has over 2000 undergraduate students and thousands of alumni. There are 94 lecturers and 11 of them have doctoral degree, including 1 Professor. The MED has 3 diploma programs, 3 diploma cooperation programs, 2 bachelor in applied science program, 1 double degree program, and 1 master degree in applied science program which are:

Diploma Degree Program

Bachelor Degree in Applied Science Program

Cooperation Program:

Double Degree Program

Master Degree in Applied Science Program:

  • 1982: Mechanical Engineering Department was established in (formerly) Politeknik Universitas Indonesia
  • 1989: D3 in Energy Conversion was established
  • 1998: Become Mechanical Engineering Department Politeknik Negeri Jakarta
  • 2001: D3 in Heavy Equipment was established
  • 2005: Teaching Factory cooperation with PT Holcim Lafarge (now PT Semen Indonesia) was started
  • 2011: Teaching Factory cooperation with PT Badak LNG was started
  • 2013: S1 Applied Science in Manufacturing Engineering was established
  • 2013: S1 Applied Science in Power Plant was established
  • 2016: Teaching Factory cooperation with PT GMF Aero Asia was started
  • 2018: Double Degree program with Management Science University (MSU) was started
  • 2019: Master in Applied Manufacturing Technology was established